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Dawn Cleary

Dawn Cleary's Guide Ezekial's Inspiration...

'Love Yourself As The Individual You Are;
The Mirror Of Your Soul Will Honour Your Love'

Do you want your Questions Answered?
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My psychic readings offer you guidance via important spiritual messages that will assist you in your life's journey and allow me to show you how to empower yourself and to discover your goals… messages flow with relevance to your current life from an intuitive level.

An appointment with me allows you to recreate your life and move towards your destiny, my guides work with me in a clear precise way and I offer this to you with warmth, empathy and humour.

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"When I visited Dawn, my focus was personal meaning and purpose. Through her great gift of insight, Dawn became a mirror of awareness enabling me to grasp things I had only vaguely glimpsed before, but which had never been so clearly articulated. Importantly, Dawn’s interpretation ‘felt so right,’ I could embrace it wholeheartedly.

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In addition to her psychic skills, Dawn offers you her generosity of spirit, compassion, refreshing directness and a dose of good humour. As her readings spring from a place of integrity and deep knowing, the message you receive is a truth she has helped you to recognise or realise; not something imposed from outside (by her), but released from within – by you. It is a liberating and empowering exchange...

I highly recommend Dawn and her very special capabilities to assist you on your journey. " ~ Therese Jones ~ Melbourne Editor

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